Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services

I offer mentoring services to emerging and mid-career photographers.  If you find yourself looking for real-life, real-career, guidance on things such as portfolio, technique, pitching, marketing/website, and the all-around back-end business of photography, I believe I can be of benefit to you.  I offer a four-week course where we will meet once a week over Zoom for one hour each session.  I will provide you a module outline that we can follow each week, or we can tailor the entire course to your needs.  Please contact me for a free fifteen-minute consultation to determine if we would be a good fit for each other.


“Patti is a fantastic  mentor and I highly recommend  working with her. She gives clear and direct feedback, cutting through the information overload and providing guidance to help you get your best work in front of the right people. Patti is the real deal; her  mentorship is informed by years of experience  as a respected working  professional with  high  quality work. Her  program is flexible and tailored  to your specific needs. Her critique is clear, direct, honest while remaining empowering and encouraging. Patti's guidance  will save you both time and money so you can focus on the steps that will help you achieve your career goals.” 


Kate Harnedy

Professional Photographer

Eugene, OR