Wonder, girl!

Girls get bombarded with messages about what is seemingly acceptable given their body types or shapes, or hair texture, gender, intelligence, aptitude for sports, music, etc. It is time for a new narrative. It is time that all girls feel empowered to wonder. And not only to wonder, but to make it happen. The Wonder, girl! Project is one effort towards that inspiration. It is a project highlighting young women who are not allowing themselves to be limited by stereotypes or by how others might classify them or otherwise think of them. These are young women who are setting a new standard, young women who are doing it (whatever that special 'it' is for them). The new narrative is BE WHO YOU ARE. Wonder, girl!

Mandy is an arm amputee, missing her right arm just below the elbow. But that doesn't slow her down, or limit her power. She just recently earned her purple belt in karate! Shot on location courtesy of United Studios of Self Defense in Oceanside, CA.

Hard work. Making opportunities for oneself. This is an American tradition. Emy Higdon knows this well. When the American economy took a dive in 2008, she couldn't find work anywhere. Times were hard... very hard. So, she came up with an idea for her own business. She took her interest in teaching kids about marine biology (and getting more girls interested in STEM) and turned it into an especially inviting way to learn. Alas, Mermaid Odette was born. Emy (Mermaid Odette) participates in educational events and panels and also entertains kids at parties, weaving in the importance of marine biology and caring for the environment. She makes her own tails from polymer clays, fiberglass, and neoprene... and business is booming! Be sure to look her up in the Tucson/Phoenix area (she travels too)!

Beauty and a Beast! Can you be a beauty AND a warrior at the same time? Of course!! Jules snowboards like a boss.

Briefcase, Pink Earbuds and a Beanie... skateboarding to work. Be YOU!!

Ever wonder about all those props you see on shows? Where do they come from? Well, a small number are product placements, but most are actually created by prop builders. They can't use actual products unless the sponsor funds/approves it so they literally build everything from scratch. Diane built this particular can from scratch. Yep, she typed up and printed out a fake (but looks real) label, applied it to the can, and then took to the process of aging the can... all for the sake of authenticity!

According to The Celluloid Ceiling, in 2018-19, women comprised 31% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 domestic grossing films. Of the top 100 domestic grossing films, only 9% of production designers were women... but this isn't stopping Diane Huynh. Diane works in Vancouver as a production designer overseeing film and TV prop design... and definitely breaking stereotypes!

What does a chef look like? More specifically, what does a chef in a fine dining restaurant look like? Polka dots and petticoats probably don't come to mind, but that doesn't stop Chef Summer! Here she is, right at home in Cafe Juanita, proving stereotypes need play no part in everyday life. Shot on location courtesy of Cafe Juanita in Kirkland, WA.

If walking in a straight line isn't really your style...

Clothing pieces put together without a thought, unkempt hair, doll-like makeup, and tulle... heaps and heaps of tulle. You definitely don't need to look like the cool kids to be a cool kid!

Brainy beauty Carrie Duddy at work. This recent Monterey Bay Miss Oktoberfest (and model/actress) is also a licensed financial advisor!

Meet Kelsey Erickson and Mika Massey of Tucson, AZ. Kelsey is a circus performer: aerialist, silks, pole, trapeze, stilt walking and fire dancer. She completed her professional training at New England Center for Circus Arts and continues to perform with them. She also teaches so be sure to connect with her at Circus Sanctuary in Tucson!

A Young Woman Who Loves Dolls. Meet Cara, doll maker and repurposer extraordinaire.

Sade of Zoubi and the Sea. Womxn drummers make up about 10% of the industry.