Wonder, girl!

Girls get bombarded with messages about what is seemingly acceptable given their body types or shapes, or hair texture, gender, intelligence, aptitude for sports, music, etc. It is time for a new narrative. It is time that all girls feel empowered to wonder. And not only to wonder, but to make it happen. The Wonder, girl! Project is one effort towards that inspiration. It is a project highlighting young women who are not allowing themselves to be limited by stereotypes or by how others might classify them or otherwise think of them. These are young women who are setting a new standard, young women who are doing it (whatever that special 'it' is for them). The new narrative is BE WHO YOU ARE. Wonder, girl!

Minority Women in Politics

"Politics may be thought of as an older, white male field, but this young, Asian woman isn't letting that stop her. I'm very blessed to have such strong women role models in Arizona." Sierra Yamanaka, President of the Young Democrats of Arizona

Shot on location courtesy of Pima County Young Democrats in Tucson, AZ.

Red hair. And power. I wanted to photograph a woman from an angle that is typically frowned upon. "Shooting from the ground up will make a woman look big," I'd hear. Well, what is wrong with that? I thought. Women have big strength, and power and presence. And I hoped by marrying nostalgia (old hood and goggles) to that, I would convey the sense that one needn't toss out the old to embrace the new.

This is Ursa. She's a tomboy. She is designing very feminine wedding dresses, proving you don't have to be girly to design frilly things. You can be, but you don't have to be. The Wonder, Girl! project is one effort towards a new narrative. A new narrative that shows teens that others are doing it (whatever that special 'it' is for them). Whether it be the petite pretty girl working on a whaler, or a grunge rocker dancing ballet, or a tomboy designing feminine wedding dresses. Instead of having to think outside of the box, removing the box altogether. The message is "Wonder, girl!" For as English Poet William Blake once wrote, "What is now proved was once only imagined." Shot on location courtesy of La Belle Elaine Bridal Salon in Seattle, WA.

Flapper Beauty. On the job, 20's style. Being comfortable in your own skin and flaunting your style is what's in! Shot on location courtesy of Kirkland Library (King County Library System) in Kirkland, WA.

Chelsea, of Go Traffic, is a traffic control supervisor for various construction companies and projects in and around Vancouver. Don't let her small stature fool you, she manages the flow of not only traffic, but also the heavy machinery working in and around these job sites... ensuring safety and maximum efficiency for all.

Zoe Federoff. This classically trained vocalist is also a heavy metal singer. "You’ve got your heavy riffs, your symphonic elements, your amazing vocals, and your big hooks, all rolled up into one hell of a statement, and that statement is this: “You better sit up and take notice because we’re comin’. " - Amps And Green Screens

Never judge a book by its cover... Avia is a goth rocker who crochets... and quilts!

Not what you were expecting? Buttoned Up Street Artist: Inspiring young women and teen girls by showing them they are not limited by stereotypes or how others might classify them or otherwise think of them.

Not your stereotypical burly or biker tattoos here! This is Ashley tattooing the international symbol for female on her dear friend Bryanna. Beautiful!!! Shot on location courtesy of Liquid Amber Tattoo in Vancouver, BC.

Tutus Aren't for Wimps! Proving you don't have to be stick thin, uber feminine, and 6 feet tall to be a ballerina. Here, Sindy shows us that a grunge aesthetic will do just fine.